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At Green Haven we aim to live, and offer holiday accommodation, in a way that is sustainable to the environment. Small steps do make a big difference. Since living at Green Haven, we have put in place, and are always investigating, a number of things that will help make Green Haven ‘green’. These range from small steps, costing no money and taking very little time to achieve, to considering some of the more costly big green ideas. Please contact us if you would like any further information or advice. The list below shows the actions we have taken and our thoughts for the future:

Small steps

  1. Using less energy - we have low energy light bulbs throughout and all the radiators have thermostatic valves. We don't leave lights or appliances on when not in use. Our campsite shower block has lights that work on movement sensors
  2. Saving water - in older toilets we have installed a water saving Hippo and we collect rain water in water butts to use in the garden
  3. Keeping clean and tidy naturally - we use eco-products/natural products (many purchased from for all our cleaning and washing
  4. Composting - we compost all of our food and garden waste, greatly reducing black bin waste
  5. Refusing, reducing, reusing and recycling packaging - we make careful choices as a consumer. We try to buy loose fruit and vegetables (not in polythene bags!), refuse to buy heavily packaged goods, use our own bags and recycle everything possible
  6. Buying locally - there are lots of excellent independent shops in Halesworth and we use local shops, pubs, restaurants, companies and trades people wherever possible (visit
  7. Using reusable nappies - disposable nappies are not disposable.  A single ‘disposable’ nappy will take between 200 - 500 years to decompose.  Using reusable/washable nappies for our children, massively reduced our waste and saved money  

Medium steps 

  1. Buying efficient appliances and products - we research new purchases, trying to ensure they are as environmentally-friendly as possible. The appliance we use the most (the washing machine) is AA+ rated
  2. Installing a programmable heating timer - this makes a real difference to fuel consumption.  We keep our house at an even temperature so the boiler has to do less ‘work’ when we want to make the house a bit warmer
  3. Decorating with low VOC paints - in renovating Wheelwrights Cottage we used environmentally friendly paints and stains wherever possible. When emulsion is necessary, there is now an eco-white spirit to clean brushes

Big steps 

  1. Installing solar panels for electricity - we have installed a solar PV system in the camping field, so now generate much of our own electricity as well as feeding the National Grid. The water for the campsite showers is heated by a solar thermal system installed on the roof. If you are interested, we will happily explain the systems and the benefits when you come and visit 
  2. Installing rain water harvesting - we have installed a rain water harvesting system to flush the toilets in our house, Wheelwright’s Cottage and those in the shower block. This was expensive but it is satisfying knowing that we aren't using drinking water for flushing 
  3. Heating the site - we currently heat the site with oil and 2 boilers. We have replaced these, so they are as efficient as possible. Our campsite shower block has underfloor heating, which is an effective and efficient method and can be powered by solar power
  4. Composting Toilets - we plan to install a composting toilet that will be available to use for campers. There are lots of options and we are currently investigating the best approach  

All of the above help Green Haven to be an ideal place to unwind and get away from it all for a holiday or short break. We are a small and friendly family-run business, which focuses on appreciating the environment, countryside and local resources around us - using them sustainably and sensitively.  

Doing your bit locally makes a difference globally.

We hope you’ll come and visit us.

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We manage the apple orchard using organic methods
We manage the apple orchard using organic methods
The orchard in Spring
The orchard in Spring
The rainwater tank being installed
The rainwater tank being installed